Home Buying Tips

You are finally ready to purchase that house you’ve been dreaming of.  Before you jump into house hunting, there are some things you can do to be prepared for what you’re about to undertake. Here are some tips to ensure that your home buying experience goes smoothly and you find your dream home. 

Kansas City Home Buying Tips

Tips for buying a home in Kansas City

Get pre-approved!

Get pre-approved and stick to your budget. It’s a sellers market right now which means that homes are selling fast.  You need to be ready to jump with an offer. Don’t forget to factor in home insurance and a down payment, moving costs, etc.


Find the right realtor.

Referrals are the best way to find a realtor that will work for you. They should know your list of must-haves and also help you make the best offer for the actual value of the home. Not sure who to choose? We work with some of the best realtors in Kansas City and would be more than happy to refer you to the best realtor for your needs.


Location. Location. Location.

Research your ideal neighborhood and know the stats of the area. Does it tick all the right boxes for your family? If not, don’t settle. Don’t just assume there aren’t other places that would be better for your family.


Be prepared emotionally.

A lot of emotions can come to the surface when going through this process. Maybe a home you loved online sold before you could see it. Or your offer was rejected. Don’t stress. Your dream home is out there; you just have to be patient.


This is the biggest purchase of your life. There is no need to dive into a mortgage without weighing all of the factors first and making sure this is the ideal home for you. By sticking to the above rules, you’ll be happily settled in your new place in no time!


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  1. I appreciate that you recommend to be prepared emotionally. My wife and I have been thinking about buying a house for some time now. I’ll have to remind her that it will be an emotional process once we get going.

    • It is definitely an emotional time. Glad that our article was helpful, Scott! Reach out to us anytime with any questions you might have about the buying process.

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My wife and I originally came in just to lower our Mortgage payments. We never dreamed up that we could payoff our mortgage, our debt and be completely debt free just under 10 yrs. That is amazing and I will be sending you many referrals.

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